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Jack                                    Charlie    2013

Charlie going to first day in Kindergarten and Jack the old timer at the same school.

Way cool hat Charlie.

Look at the storage bin/bench daddy made for us.

May 2010  .  .  .  Looks like John really has "Class"

Circa 2009  August                                                                               November

Before                    After

Katherine & John's wedding

June 2008. Katherine, John, Charlie and Jack.

The best of 2007

First days are the hardest.


1 Jack & Charlie

2  Jack

3  Jack feeding Charlie

4  Jack & Mr. spook

5  Jack hiding

6  Bobby, Jeremy, Rosie and Charlie.
7  Jack, goat and dad

8  Charlie who got pumpkin all over his shirt.

9  "Which one do I like" said Jack

10  Jack, Mom and Mr. Stinky.

11  Charlie and Jack   Nov. 2009

12  Katherine and Jack at the malt shop.