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Latest news and grandson bragging picture.  Grampa

Jack                                    Charlie    2013

Charlie going to first day in Kindergarten and Jack the old timer at the same school.

Way cool hat Charlie.

Look at the storage bin/bench daddy made for us.

May 2010  .  .  .  Looks like John really has "Class"

Circa 2009  August                                                                               November

Before                    After

Katherine & John's wedding

June 2008. Katherine, John, Charlie and Jack.

The best of 2007

First days are the hardest.


1 Jack & Charlie

2  Jack

3  Jack feeding Charlie

4  Jack & Mr. spook

5  Jack hiding

6  Bobby, Jeremy, Rosie and Charlie.
7  Jack, goat and dad

8  Charlie who got pumpkin all over his shirt.

9  "Which one do I like" said Jack

10  Jack, Mom and Mr. Stinky.

11  Charlie and Jack   Nov. 2009

12  Katherine and Jack at the malt shop.