Pictures from Pat's stay in St. Jude's Hospital  2004


Pat had her hip replacement surgery March 15 at 11:30 am
 and the doctor called at 1:30pm with the good results. Thank you all
very much for all your prayers.  She was at St. Jude Hospital, Fullerton, Ca.

Tuesday, March 16, Pat is doing a lot better.
She had her first solid food tonight and has received
lots of beautiful flowers.  I promise a picture Wednesday.
She got out of bed 3 times today for therapy so if you go
to visit, she may be down the hall walking.


Wednesday, March 17, Pat is even better today.
She took a wheel chair ride to group therapy
today and can you notice (no tubes).
John came down from Santa Rosa
to see mom and dad.



03-18-04 Jimmy and Isy
Thursday, March 18, Pat had a little trouble with
nausea during her therapy and is still getting a low
fever.  So she was moved upstairs to room 406 and
 may be in the hospital an extra day or two to
strengthen her leg muscles. The flowers
are from Pat's office at Fluor.
That's Jimmy & Isy.


Friday, March 19, Pat is feeling better and was
able to walk to the rest room with her walker.  Getting out of bed is quite a struggle due to the limitations of a mending operation and the mechanics of the new hip.  She had no fever tonight.  We are not sure when she will be allowed to come home.  Hopefully around Tuesday.

Saturday, March 20, more therapy and less fever.  We are hoping she can come home Tuesday or so. I will let you know as soon as I know. Please keep praying and thank you very much for all the prayers and cards.


Israel & Roxanne
Sunday, March 21, lots of visitors as you can see from the pictures.  We ate lunch and dinner together and Pat walked to the rest room twice plus, the therapist took us down to the basement to learn how to get into and out of a vehicle.  I am very encouraged with her progress and believe she will be coming home early this week.



03-21-04 Julie and Dianne


03-22-04  occupational therapy

up the step

Down the step

Getting in and out of the car. (even if there is no motor).

10  Paula & John Van Wanterghem

Home on March 23, and taking
phone calls. The pink foam rubber
is for separating her legs, especially
at night, which keeps her from
crossing her legs AND she has to
sleep flat on her back because of it
March 25, notice all the goodies.
The grabber for picking up things like the monkey.
Also the loafers she has to wear because she
can not bend over 90 degrees.



Notice the hand rail Jimmy installed for
the steps out front. Sandy also told Pat
she could start using a cane.


March 31

 Pat and Sandy training  for the next LA marathon.

 Sandy is Pat's physical therapy person.



Look who is driving herself to the doctor.